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About Us

Guided by the conviction that a company with a pioneering vision must always consider a new way of doing business, the main reason for the existence of the Serpentina brand is to dedicate itself to the preservation and recovery of water resources around the world.

Our "made on earth" concept makes it possible for the product to be made in different parts of the world, respecting the proximity of delivery, taking care not only of our suppliers and employees, but also of local water resources.

For two years, we have been associated with the renowned IPE - Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas - which, for its pioneering and solid work, has received, among others, the following awards: Rolex Award, Forbes Award and the Whitley Gold Award (considered the most respected among world environmental preservation).

For each piece sold, the value of a tree seedling is donated to Instituto IPE, responsible for planting in reforestation areas in the Atlantic Forest.

Thus, river sources are revitalized and the project's mission begins to be achieved.

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